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Our History

The Old Sanctuary Building was built in 1929 for a small community of white missionaries and settlers in the Fort Smith area, then a part of the white highlands. Records indicate that the first service was held in the church in 1934. In the 1960’s, the building was abandoned following the departure of the Europeans who built the chapel. In November 1972, the church building was put to use again by a few Christian students and workers from the University of Nairobi.

The small congregation was nurtured by the then Vicar of St. Marks Westlands, Rev. Paul Lantey. Few families, that of Mr. Zakaria Njuguna Mwangi, Mr. James Muraguri, Prof Philip Nyaga, Mr. Fred Ngige and Dr. Theuri Njoka formed the congregation at that time. Mrs. Elizabeth W. Mburu and Mrs. Faith Maina were active members and contributors to the growth of St. Mary’s. The original number of congregants was fifty people in a single service but currently the Church has slightly over 250 Parishioners. St. Mary’s Parish was created in 1981 from the Parish of St. Mark’s Westlands.

The Parish grew to serve St. Joseph’s Kabete, St. Martins K.I.A and St. Margaret at Soweto. St. Joseph had a long history having been consecrated in the 1950’s by the Bishop of Mombasa. St. Martins whose land had been handed over to Jean School was served by St. Paul Mother Church Kabete while St. Joseph was served by the Diocese of Nairobi. St. Margaret Church Soweto was consecrated by the Archbishop of Kenya and the Bishop of Nairobi, but unfortunately its building, which stood at a site officially allocated for community services, did not survive the disputes and was eventually burned down and it congregation dispersed. St. Martins K.I.A was proposed to be a Parish but unfortunately, it was unable to support…..