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The goal of St Mary’s Kindergaten and Primary School is to provide an environment conducive to the optimal spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual development of each child. A child-centered, developmentally appropriate curriculum incorporates daily opportunities for individual as well as group activities, imaginative play, problem-solving skills, literature, and both large and small muscle activities. 

Building confidence, encouraging curiosity, exploring our world, and thinking through relationships is a vital part of learning. Preschool children are active learners who learn by exploration, discovery, and hands-on experiences. The daily activities include literature, math, science, social studies, and daily life skills. A variety of hands-on learning activities and experiences are planned according to a calendar of themes and units. These are supplemented with science enrichment programs, exercise through sports and games, music, and sign language.


The goal of each teacher is to foster a stable environment where children create, explore, play, share, and socialize. The school provides for children a safe, secure environment filled with love, kindness, and encouragement. With one-on-one attention and positive reinforcement, children feel successful. Through understanding, respect, and exciting learning opportunities, the children build self-esteem and confidence. Warm, positive relationships with teachers help children develop a sense of trust and a feeling of worth. We incorporate a spirit of cooperation, not competition. All social interactions are viewed as opportunities for learning to care about one another and ourselves. With proper guidance, children learn to problem solve, become independent, and respect ideas and feelings of others.

Physiological developments in the brain of a young child determine the social, emotional, physical and intellectual readiness for new skills and experiences. Most human behavior develops in a patterned fashion of predictable stages through which every child passes at his/her own pace. Developmentally appropriate materials and activities are provided so children may learn and grow at their own rate guided by dedicated and skilled educators.

Our desire is that children at St Mary’s Nursery School will develop a special kind of excitement and enthusiasm about life and learning and each will feel special and valued.  Children will leave St Mary’s Nursery School with the confidence and skills necessary to succeed socially and academically.