Kenya Anglican Men Association popularly known as KAMA is one of the key ministries in the church. It was started in 1992 by the then Vicar Rev. Wanderi as Father’s Association. Mr. Mathu was elected as chairman of the group.   The period 1992-2004, KAMA had a membership of about thirty old men, seen as a club of the very holy, “waongovu”. KAMA shunned by majority of the men in the congregation.
The major task of the men was to join other groups to build the church and to help men who had not married in church to re-new their marriages vows. In this endeavor, KAMA has assisted many families to renew their marriage vows.

When the Rt. Rev. Bishop Dr. David Gitari took over as the Archbishop of the Anglican and the Bishop of Nairobi Diocese, he introduced KAMA in all churches in Kenya.   St. James changed the name from Fathers Association to KAMA.  A new constitution was made and new elections for group leaders were carried out and Mr. Perminus Mathu was elected as the Chairman. Since then, the group has had 4 chairmen namely Joseph Gachanja, James Mwaniki and the current ChairMr. Latimer Mwaniki.   

Between 2001–2011, The Ven. CanonJoel Waweru served St. James Church as the Vicar and he was in favor of the group and it started growing in numbers.

In 2003, the Vicar challenged the men and called them for a goat eating event. This transformed the group and men started identifying with KAMA.

From 2006, KAMA has consistently enrolled more than twenty men every year and has a current membership of over 200.